No need for a new SIM? Choose a SIM-free phone for a great price at iD Mobile.

What is a SIM-Free phone?

A SIM-free phone is a handset that's sold alone, without a SIM card. You'll buy the device outright in one lump sum, with no contract attached.

Of course, you'll also need to pick up a SIM if you want to use your phone. You can choose between a Pay As You Go SIM- where you can top up whenever you please - or a SIM-only deal which you'll pay for monthly to receive a fixed amount of data, texts and minutes (it's just like a regular contract, without the cost of the phone included!)

Depending on your preferences, a SIM-free phone may be the perfect option for you. Take a look at range of SIM-free handsets today from iD Mobile.

Advantages of SIM-free phones

Overall, SIM-free phones tend to work out cheaper than pay monthly handsets. It's generally the case for anything bought outright, rather than on finance. Over an average two-year period (the typical length of a pay monthly contract), paying a lump sum upfront for a phone and pairing it with an affordable SIM will usually cost less in the long run - great news if you have the cash available to buy a device straight away.

SIM-free handsets offer more freedom too. Not only can you upgrade whenever you please, you can also switch up the amount of texts, minutes and data you receive to suit your needs. With Pay As You Go SIMs, you can top up whatever you want each month, so you can add more credit if you know you're going to need extra minutes or GB, for example.

Are SIM-free phones unlocked?

SIM Free phones can still be locked to a network. Many people assume SIM-free is synonymous with the term unlocked, but this isn't always the case.

If you do pick up a SIM-free phone that's locked, you'll then need to purchase a SIM card from that specific network. Usually, you'll have the option to choose between a Pay As You Go SIM or a SIM-only deal.

It is common for phones to be both SIM-free and unlocked however, which is the case for every single handset available at iD Mobile. We make browsing for a SIM-Free phone easy, but if you do look elsewhere be sure to check the details of the handset you're interested in carefully, or reach out to an expert from customer services, for clarification.

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