Data Rollover.

You paid for it, why lose it?

What is Data Rollover?

Data Rollover is a free feature on all new iD plans.
It rolls over unused monthly data to the next month, giving you a second chance to use it.

How can I get Data Rollover?

All our plans now come with free Data Rollover - as well as capping and inclusive EU roaming.

You'll also get Data Rollover if you're an existing iD Mobile customer on a GoTo plan.

How does Data Rollover work?

1. Last Month.

Last month you had some data left over. Data Rollover gives you a second chance to use it.

2. This Month.

Your unused data is rolled over to this month, and gets used first. You've got all month to use it up.

3. Next Month.

Your unused monthly data allowance always rolls over to the next month.

What's so great about Data Rollover?

  • It lets you plan ahead and save data for busier months.
  • It makes you less likely to run out of data and pay extra charges.
  • It means you can choose a plan with just the right amount of data.

Data Rollover is free, and you don't have to lift a finger to set it up. It all happens automatically.

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