The following services are designed to make communication easier for our vulnerable customers with communication difficulties (such as difficulty hearing, difficulty speaking or a visual impairment), poor mental health, physical disability, a learning disability, low literacy, or anyone unable to take care of themselves.

We also understand that someone who has experienced recent bereavement, loss of income, accident or injury can be temporarily vulnerable.

Need to contact iD Mobile as a vunerable customer?

We keep a record of all our vulnerable customers. We have a number of different ways you can contact us to suit your communication preference, and the full list of contact options can be found in our Vunerable customer policy PDF below.

You can use any of the following methods:

  • By using Text Relay Services
  • Online using web chat
  • The iD Community
  • By phone

Contact our dedicated Vulnerable customer team over the phone using our voicemail service and a member of the team will call you back within 48 hours. Call us on 0800 049 2376 and provide the below information in your voicemail:

  • Your full name
  • Your iD mobile number
  • A brief message explaining what you need help with
  • The best number to contact you back on

Do not leave any information about your credit/debit card details or your vulnerability in your message. The voicemail you leave will only be used to help us resolve your issue and if you want more information about how your data is used, you can read our Privacy Policy.

You can visit us at a Currys store. Our store colleagues can help you discuss your options, provide expert technical advice and assist with any issues should something go wrong. Use our store locator to find your nearest store.

Our Policy

At iD Mobile, we truly believe that our products and services are for everyone, as set out in our policy for vulnerable customers.

Vulnerable customer policy

Access to directory information

We offer a free 195 directory enquiries phone service to our disabled customers calling UK numbers (international directory enquiries are not part of this service). To take advantage of this, please download and submit this registration form:

Free Directory Enquires - Registration Form

When your request has been successfully processed, we'll send you an SMS to let you know that you can start using our free 195 directory enquiries phone service.

When you use the service, you won't be charged for calling 195, and you can request multiple searches for UK residential and business listings.

If you ask the operator to connect you, please ignore the message saying you'll be charged a premium fee per minute plus the access charge. You won't be charged this fee. Instead, the call will come out of your monthly minutes, or be charged at the standard rate for your price plan.

Please note: calls to this service will show up on your bill as Non-Geographic Calls to number 195, at a cost of £0.00.

SMS access to emergency organisations

If you need emergency assistance in the UK you can send an SMS to 999. The text will then be converted and passed to the appropriate emergency service.

Your phone will need to be registered to the service beforehand. To do this, simply text the word 'register' to 999. You should then receive a confirmation by SMS, telling you a little more about the service. For more details, visit

Please be aware that this service may not always be available. So until you get a reply to your emergency message, you should try using other ways to contact the emergency services such as dialling 18000 on a textphone, using the NGT Lite app (details below), or asking someone to dial 999 for you.

And don't forget that this service only works in the UK. So if you're abroad you'll need to try other ways of contacting the local emergency services. If you're in Europe, the number to call will be 112.

Text relay services

If you have hard of hearing, have a speech-impairment or deaf you can use Relay UK(*) services to connect by using the Relay UK app or a text phone.

To use this service, Download the Relay UK app for free from the Relay UK website.

Your Relay UK service options are;

  • Type and Read; if you can't hear and don't use your voice.
  • Speak and Read; if you can't hear but can use your voice.
  • Type and Hear; if you can hear but don't use their voice.
  • Speak and Hear; if you have some hearing and use your voice.

There are lots of different ways of using relay UK Services. You can use your mobile phone, textphone or landline for the voice part of your conversation, and another device like a PC, laptop or tablet to view the text. Or you can do it all on your smartphone just as long as it lets you use the internet and make phone calls at the same time. For more information about how to use the services and to download Relay UK App please visit the Relay UK website.

To make a call, enter 18001(**) - followed by the full phone number including dialling code.

Relay Assistant will then assist you by converting your conversation to your required service option.

Emergency Calls and SMS by using Relay services

When contacting the emergency services, dial 18000 instead of the normal 18001 through the app or from a textphone. You will connect to 999 and a relay assistant. Tell them which emergency service you need, and operator will then connect you to the right emergency service.

You can also send SMS text message to the UK 999 emergency service. However, to use this service you must register your phone. To see details for how to set up emergency SMS please visit

You can also make calls to international numbers from the UK. To do this, just dial 18000 followed by the full international number starting with 00. But please remember - relay assistants only speak English, so they won't be able to translate anything for you.

Standard UK calls made through Relay UK are free, and non-standard UK calls will be charged as per our standard rates.

(*) Formally known as Next Generation Text Services.

(**) If you’re using a smartphone with the Relay UK app, 18001 is automatically included before the number you want to dial.

Documents in accessible formats

We can produce a copy of your bill in a format best for you, and this service is provided free of charge. This includes large font, braille and audio format. To access this service, please contact customer services on live chat. If you are unable to use live chat you can also leave us a message by calling our vulnerable customer voicemail line on 0800 0492 376 and a member of the team will contact you back within 48 hours.

Please provide the below information in your voicemail:

  • Your full name
  • Your iD mobile number
  • A brief message explaining what you need help with
  • The best number to contact you back on

Do not leave any information about your vulnerability or your credit/debit card details in your message.

The voicemail you leave will only be used to help us resolve your issue and if youwant more information about how your data is used, you can read our Privacy Policy.

Third party bill management

You can choose a third party (a trusted friend or family member) to manage your bills and payments. To do this, download and submit this registration form:

Third Party Bill Management - Nomination Form

We'll aim to process your request within 5 working days of receiving it.

Your nominated third party will be sent your bill by post each month, and they'll be given the option of setting up a Direct Debit, or make a manual payment.

Specialised phones

We range a number of phones that are ideal for vulnerable users. These phones, manufactured by Doro, have large physical keys for easy dialling and texting, and built-in assistance buttons. Some of them are also hearing aid compatible.

You can purchase a specialised Doro phone online at If you'd like to view the phone and get a feel for it before you buy, pop into your nearest Currys store and ask a member of staff for assistance.