Mobile phone upgrade deals from iD Mobile.

Fancy getting a brand new phone? Well, if you're coming to the end of your iD Mobile contract (or if you've had a SIM only plan for more than 6 months), you might be able to upgrade with us today!

Check if you're eligible now, and upgrade to one of our great value plans in a few simple clicks.

Three good reasons to upgrade with iD.

Data Rollover

Roll over any unused data to the next month for free.

Bill Capping

Set a capped limit on your monthly bills.

Roam Free

In more destinations than any other network across all plans, up to 30GB.1

How do I check if I can upgrade?

Log in to the iD Mobile app or My Account online.

  1. Go to the "Plan" tab
  2. Click "It's time to upgrade!"

Following the above steps, you will be shown your upgrade date; this date is usually 60-days before the end date of your contract.

Please note: our new and improved app will soon be updated to incude your contract end date.

Not eligible to upgrade for a while? Then you might be better of changing plan to one that suits your needs better. You'll find more info here.

Terms and Conditions

1. 30GB limit if your UK allowance is 30GB or more. Roaming subject to fair usage & open data policies. Roaming comparison versus all UK network offerings for new subscribers across all plans - April 2023.


Upgrading lets you get one of the latest smartphones, without paying the full cost upfront. You'll extend the length of your plan with us, and get a new handset with allowances that suit your needs. You can also keep your current number.

If you're happy with your phone but just want a new plan, you might be able to change it. You'll find more info here.

It's quick and easy to find out if you're eligible to upgrade with us. The 'How can I find out If I'm eligible to upgrade?' section has all the details you need.

Please note: you'll need to be registered for My Account to check your upgrade eligibility. It's quick and easy, and you can do it here.

Yes, we can send you an email to remind you when you're due an upgrade. You just need to agree to receive our marketing communications – and at the same time, you can ensure that your email address with us is valid.

You can do both these things by logging in to the iD Mobile app or My Account online, then going to the 'My Account' page, and selecting 'Edit preferences' on the 'Keep me in the loop' tab. Select 'Yes please!' to receiving marketing from us, and choose email as your preferred method.

You can check your email and other personal details are correct by going to 'Edit my profile' page.

First of all, check if you're eligible to upgrade (see 'How can I find out If I'm eligible to upgrade?' above).
If you're eligible, congratulations! You can now go ahead and browse through our deals and purchase an upgrade. To do this, log in to your iD Mobile app or My Account online, go to 'My Account', and then scroll down to 'My Upgrade'. Alternatively, feel free to pop into any Currys store for a chat.

Yes, if eligible, you can upgrade to a lower priced plan depending on your current plan and phone. At iD we always do our best to find the best plan for you - even if it's cheaper than your current one.

That depends on your current plan, your credit rating, payment history, and also what we've got available in-store or online.

If you're eligible to upgrade, you can browse through our current deals by logging in to your iD Mobile app or My Account online, going to 'My Account', and then scrolling down to 'My Upgrade'. Alternatively, feel free to pop into any Currys store to chat about your options.

You sure can! With both our 30-day and 12-month SIM Only plans, you have the option to upgrade to a 24-month phone plan once you’ve been with us for a few months. The plans available for you to upgrade to will be determined by your initial credit check, your payment history and how long you’ve been with us. You’ll be able to check your eligibility to upgrade and what plans are available in the iD Mobile App or My Account online.

You can check when your plan started using your iD Mobile app or My Account online. Simply go to 'My Account', scroll down to 'My Plan' and you'll see your plan start date.

Yes, if you change your mind you can cancel your upgrade - just as long as it's within 14 days of signing up to your new iD plan and you upgraded through our website or over the phone. Please note that any upgrades done in a Currys store may not be cancelled. Find out more Here

If you upgraded online or over the phone, you can cancel within 14 days. If you do this, you'll receive a refund and revert back to your old plan (if it's still available). If you purchased an upgrade in store, unfortunately you can't cancel it. Once cancelled, your plan will revert to the original plan that you were on.

No. Your new plan will start from the moment you upgrade. You won't have to serve the remaining days on your previous plan.

We need to check that you're eligible for an upgrade before we show you which deals you can go for. This is why you need to check your eligibility at this stage.

No, unfortunately not. If you take out a new plan from our website, it's not classed as an upgrade. It's simply treated as a new plan, even if you're eligible for an upgrade. You'll also be unable to keep your existing iD mobile number. That's why we always recommend you upgrade via the eligibility checker.

If you already have an add-on (or part of an add-on left), it'll simply be moved across to your new plan.

You'll receive a pro-rated credit for your original line rental, and a pro-rated charge for your new plan. You'll also be charged a full month's line rental in advance of your upcoming bill. And finally, any out of bundle charges for the previous month will also be applied.

Please checkout our Mobile Phone Contracts page.

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