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    To find your IMEI dial, go to your phone's home screen and dial *#06# into the keypad.

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    Find your phone, enter the condition and we’ll provide a quote. Enter your details and Currys will send you a prepaid postage bag to post back your device in.

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    Post your phone to Currys in the prepaid postage bag provided free of charge. You only need to send the handset, you can keep any accessories.

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    You will get the paid amount quoted once your phone condition is confirmed by one of our Currys engineers.

    Using a Trade-In promotion? Please click here. You’ll need to complete a form with your purchase information before you send the device back to us. When we receive your device, you’ll then get a separate payment of the trade-in amount.

    Our trade-in service is provided by our sister company Currys. For any queries with your trade-in please contact [email protected]

    Why Currys

    All phones and networks welcome

    No need to worry about paying for postage, we’ll send you a pre-paid envelope for free. Pop it in your nearest post box.

    Free postage

    It won’t cost you a thing to trade-in your phone with Currys. They’ll provide a pre-paid jiffy bag for you to post back your device in.

    It's good for the environment

    Currys recycle or refurbish thousands ofused phones every month.


    We'll wipe your old phone as part of our recycling progress, so you don't need to worry about your data.

    Want to know more about trade-in?

    We've written an article to explain everything you need to know, including how we inspect and grade your phone and how you get paid.

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    You can cancel your trade-in as long as it has not yet been processed by our warehouse. If you would like to cancel your trade-in or if you have any other questions please feel free to email us at [email protected].

    Due to delays with Royal Mail, your prepaid postage bag may take up to 10 working days to arrive. If you still haven't received it after this time, email us at [email protected] and we'll send you another one. Rest assured, all quoted prices will be honoured during this disruption.

    Once you’ve traded in your device, we pass it on to a third party so it can be re-used. Handsets are checked, all the data is wiped and most are then sent to developing markets where mobiles phone use is growing rapidly.

    As well as working phones we also pay cash for all types of broken phones, including phones that don’t turn on or have moderate damage such as a broken screen or damaged casing. We can recycle for free any phones which have been extensively damaged, such as where the casing is smashed, or the internals are exposed.

    We buy all phones whether or not they were bought from iD Mobile.

    We buy phones from all networks whether or not you bought the phone from iD Mobile.

    We recommend you do a factory reset on the phone before you send it in, and we also back that up by wiping the phone as part of our recycling process.

    Claiming your enhanced trade-in offer is easy. Simply complete this form with your purchase information and send us your phone. Once it's assessed by a Currys engineer, you'll receive your payment.

    Please note – we won't be able to process your payment if we receive your phone before you submit the form. The enhanced payment will be paid separately, so you should expect 2 trade-in transactions in your bank account.

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    1. iD Mobile Trade-In powered by Currys is run and operated by Currys Retail Limited (“CMO”), a company registered in England with company number 2142673 and registered office is at 1 Portal Way, London W3 6RS.
    2. You confirm that you consent to iD Mobile Limited & CPW using your information (including name, address, telephone number, email address, Device make/model/IMEI/network) to allow us to process your trade in and contact you and the network in relation to the trade in and unlocking of the Device only.
    3. You will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions ("Conditions") when you provide us with the device you wish to trade in (the "Device") by sending the Device to us. Before providing us with the Device, please read all our Terms and Conditions.
    4. Our trade-in service is provided by our sister company Currys. For any queries with this service or your trade in please contact [email protected].
    5. You confirm that you are either the owner of the Device or you have obtained express permission from the rightful owner to trade in the Device.
    6. The Device must not be stolen or listed with us or a third party as stolen. We will check the Device with CheckMEND, from the suppliers of IMMOBILISE as used by UK Police forces to trace stolen and missing property. If the Device fails any due diligence check we may notify the relevant police authority and we may pass the Device and your details to them and the Quoted Value will not be paid to you.
    7. The Device must not have been purchased from CPW or iD Mobile Limited within the 30 days prior to trade in.
    8. The quoted Device trade in value ('Quoted Value') will be determined by CPW or a third party on their behalf based on the make and model of the Device.
    9. If the Device contains a SIM card, you must remove this along with any accessories prior to trade in. We will not be liable for any consequences of you not removing the SIM card or accessories, including any payments associated with the Device or the SIM card.
    10. Data stored on the Device that you wish to retain must be saved elsewhere and you must remove any memory card and/ or all data that has been put onto the Device prior to trade in. We will not be liable for any damage, loss or erasure of any such data or for any consequences of you not removing your data or memory card, including use or disclosure of such data.
    11. We may deem the device to be a working or non-working device, where a:

      Working Condition

      Everything works as it should.

      • There is no major damage to the phones case front or rear (light wear and minor scratches are acceptable)
      • There is no damage to the screen
      • The screen is not showing any signs of screen burn, discolouration, or image retention
      • All the functional buttons i.e. volume or home button are working as intended
      • The camera, microphone and speakers are all working and free from damage
      • Includes the battery and charges up
      • Has no liquid damage and has all its internal parts
      • If the device is bent, broken into pieces or any of the internal parts are showing, it is classed as 'Beyond Economic Repair' or BER. A device that is BER has ZERO value and cannot be traded in
      • Non-Working Condition

        There is a problem with your device, or it does not work

      • There is damage to the phone's case front or rear
      • There is damage to the screen
      • The screen is showing signs of screen burn, discolouration, or image retention
      • The functional buttons i.e. volume or home button are not working as intended
      • The camera, microphone or speakers are not working or damaged
      • Has a defective battery or does not charge up
      • Has liquid damage


      If the device is bent, broken into pieces or any of the internal parts are showing, it is classed as 'Beyond Economic Repair' or BER. A device that is BER has ZERO value and cannot be traded in.

    12. If you wish to take advantage of a trade in promotion whilst purchasing a new phone and choose to trade in your old phone, recyclable phones, or phones with ZERO value DO NOT qualify towards any promotion and no additional value will be paid.
    13. Following you accepting to trade in, we will send you a pre-paid addressed padded envelope (the "Envelope") within 10 working days. We will only accept the Device if it is returned to us in this Envelope. We will not be liable for loss of your Device before we receive it;
    14. in order to honour the Quoted Value we must receive the Device within 21 calendar days of you accepting to trade in; and
    15. provided the Device received is as advised by you and has been received within the 21 calendar days in the Envelope, we will pay you via BACS for the Quoted Value within 3 to 5 working days of receipt of the Device.
    16. If the Device received does not completely match the description and detail as advised by you or we have not received it within the 14 calendar days, we will contact you to give you the option either to have the Device returned to you at our cost, in which case no value will be paid to you, or proceed with the trade in at a new value advised to you. If you do not respond to this contact as advised therein within 7 working days, we will assume that you have accepted our revised offer and proceed with payment accordingly.
    17. Should you wish to make a complaint about the trade-in service, you may do so in the following way:

      a. in writing addressed to Currys, PO Box 373, Southampton, SO30 2PP, or

      b. by calling 0370 111 6565.

      Please note this is a Currys contact number solely for the purpose of queries or complaints relating to this trade-in service. This number cannot be used for any general customer service or account queries relating to your iD Mobile purchase. Please refer to for these contact details.

    18. We reserve the right to withdraw or to change the terms of this offer at any time. Changes will be published on our website at or
    19. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall affect your statutory rights.
    20. These Conditions are governed by English Law and the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these Conditions.
    21. Each clause of these Conditions shall be construed separately and independently of each other and the invalidity of any one part shall not affect the validity of any other part.
    22. Calls to our telephone numbers should be charged at local rates but may vary from some providers and mobile phones. Calls may be monitored and/ or recorded.
    23. 'We/ us/ our' means Currys Retail Limited and/or iD Mobile Limited.
    24. We take your privacy and security of your personal information very seriously. iD Mobile Privacy & Cookies Policy and CPW Privacy Policy explains how we both collect and use personal information in accordance with data protection laws. Privacy Policies can be found at and
    25. Qualifying terms:
      a. Traded-in phone must be a mobile phone used on the UK network within the last 10 years;
      b. Smartphone is defined as a phone with an operating system running iOS, Android, Blackberry OS or Windows.
    26. Other terms:
      a. Maximum of 1 trade-in per connected promotional product;
      b. Trade-in value will be calculated at the time of the trade-in;
      c. The handset must arrive within 21 days after the end of the offer to be eligible for this offer;
    27. English law applies to these terms and conditions.

    iD Mobile Limited (registered in England no. 00504877) Address: 1 Portal Way, London W3 6RS.

    Contact Telephone Number: 0333 003 7777

    Currys Retail Limited (registered in England no. 2142673), 1 Portal Way, London W36RS.