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What is an MMS?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. It makes it possible for you to send and receive messages containing pictures, photos, emojis, GIFs, videos and sound clips.

A quick guide to MMS.

Why did my text get sent as MMS?

Your text message will sometimes automatically get converted to MMS.

This is completely beyond iD’s control. It depends on your phone’s operating system, and the person – or persons - you’re messaging. It might happen for these reasons:

  • Your text includes a photograph, emoticon, GIF, video or sound clip.
  • Your text has more than 160 characters.
  • You send a text to an email address.
  • You send a text to enter a competition or make a donation.
  • You send a text with a subject line on it.
  • You use iPhone Messages to send a text to a non-iPhone user.

Will I get charged for sending an MMS?

Yes. MMS messages aren’t included as part of your monthly allowance of texts, so every time you send one you get charged at our out-of-plan MMS rate, which varies depending on when you joined us. See below:

If you joined or upgraded on or before 20th June 2023 = 30p per MMS

If you joined or upgraded on or after 21st June 2023 = 55p per MMS

MMS messages have a size limit of 295kb per message. If your MMS image exceeds 295kb, you'll incur charges for multiple MMS messages.

For example, sending an MMS image of 1mb would result in charges of either £1.20/£2.20, depending on when you joined or upgraded.

You can find the exact date that you joined iD Mobile at the top of your "Contract Summary" document under the "Pay Monthly Agreement" section.

How can I stop or limit my phone from sending an MMS?

Apple device (Stop):

  1. Open ‘Settings’ app
  2. Scroll down and tap ‘Messages’
  3. Scroll down to SMS/MMS section
  4. Ensure ‘MMS Messaging’ is toggled off (disabled)
  5. If its enabled, tap ‘MMS Messaging’ once to toggle it off
  6. Use your device as normal

Android device (Limit):

  1. Don’t send photos, videos or emojis.
  2. Keep your texts under 160 characters.
  3. Don’t send group texts.
  4. Don’t send texts to email addresses.
  5. Don’t give your text a subject line.
  6. Don’t send any web links via text.
  7. Don’t send things that could change into emojis e.g. don’t send ‘ :) ‘.

Another way to limit your risk of sending an MMS and being charged is to send any multimedia message (such as photos, videos, emojis and web links) via popular apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi when you do this, it won’t cost anything, and if you’re using mobile data, it will simply come out of your monthly data allowance.

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