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Roaming advice.

How to prepare your phone for a trip abroad.

If you're planning on using your phone abroad, follow these simple steps before you set off.

1. Make sure roaming is activated

Roaming should already be activated on both your account and your phone, but it's still worth checking.

To check that roaming's activated on your account, log-in to the iD Mobile app or My Account online, go to 'My Services' then 'Roaming'. If it's off, toggle it on.

You can check that data roaming's activated on your phone in its settings. The exact method for doing this depends on the phone you're using, so check out the instruction leaflet if you're unsure. Or Google it.

2.Make sure you have the right Access Point Name (APN) Settings.

This is a really important step, and it's also the most overlooked - so please take a few moments to do it!

If your APN settings aren't correct, you won't be able to use your data abroad. So go to our 'Get your settings' tool, enter your iD mobile number and a few phone details, then select 'Internet' and click 'send'.

Depending on what phone you have, you'll either receive an SMS or OTA (Over-the-Air) message with a link to install your APN settings.

3. Check if you're in an Inclusive Roaming destination.

If you're in one of our 50 Inclusive Roaming destinations, the minutes, texts and data you use come out of your monthly allowances. To find out more, visit our Inclusive Roaming page.

If you're not in an Inclusive Roaming destination you can still use your phone, but you'll be charged for this. Rates vary by country, so check them on our International & Roaming charges page.

4. Get the iD Mobile app to control your costs and more.

The iD Mobile app is the best way of managing your account abroad. It's free to use, and packed with handy features to help you roam:

  • Monitor your usage. Check your allowances if you're in an Inclusive Roaming destination. If not, keep a close eye on your roaming charges.
  • Buy add-ons. If you run out of an allowance in an Inclusive Roaming destination, buy an add-on to avoid out-of-plan charges.
  • Adjust your cap. Don't let roaming charges take you by surprise - use the app to set a cap on your out-of-plan spend.
  • Turn your voicemail off. There may be a charge for receiving and listening to voicemails when abroad. To avoid this you can turn off this feature in the app.
  • Turn on / off Roaming. If you prefer not to use roaming when abroad, simply toggle the feature on and off in the app.

5. Stay on top of your spending when travelling abroad .

Every iD Mobile plan comes with a Credit Limit and Bill Cap. These are in place to make sure you stay in control when you use your phone in the UK or abroad.

Here’s how they work:

  • Credit Limit. This is the maximum out-of-plan charge you can incur on an iD plan (not including your monthly line rental, add-ons and any admin charges). Your Credit Limit is determined by a credit checkand is set at £25, £50 or £75.

    To increase your Credit Limit, you’ll need to contact us and pay a depositto cover the amount you’d like to increase your credit limit by. The deposit will then be added to your next bill.

  • Bill Cap. Your Bill Cap is an adjustable ‘out-of-plan spend’ limit that you place on your account. You can set the cap between £0 and your Credit Limit. Select your Bill Cap when you purchase your plan and change it using the iD Mobile app. You’ll find more information on Bill Capping here.

A few money savings tips.

  • Connect to secure Wi-fi whenever possible. When you're on Wi-Fi abroad, switch your mobile data off, so that all data traffic goes via Wi-Fi only.
  • Monitor your usage with the iD Mobile app. It's free to use wherever you are.
  • Avoid sending MMS (Multimedia messages). You'll be charged for sending an SMS anywhere, in the UK and abroad. MMS charges explained.
  • Shut down needless apps and email. Some apps and email servers use data if they're running in the background, so shut them down unless you really need them.
  • Consider turning your voicemail off. The cost of using voicemail abroad will come out of your minutes if you're in one of our 50 Inclusive Roaming destinations. If you've got no minutes left, or you're in another destination, you'll be charged the same rate as calling the UK from that destination.