Inclusive EU roaming.

Roam like at home in 50 destinations.

What is inclusive EU roaming?

All iD Mobile plans come with inclusive EU roaming.

This feature lets you roam like at home in 50 destinations throughout the EU, EEA and beyond. The minutes, texts and data you use simply come out of your remaining monthly allowances (subject to our fair usage & open data policies).

How does inclusive roaming work?

1. Check that roaming is enabled on your phone.

You can do this with the iD app or online account.

2. Head off on your travels.

Visit any of the 50 destinations listed above.

3. Use your phone like at home.

Minutes, text & data will come out of your allowance*.

* You can use your minutes to call numbers in the UK or the same destination you're in. You'll be charged for calls to other non-UK destinations. These aren't included in your normal monthly allowance even when you're in the UK.

What does your inclusive EU roaming plan include?

A rundown of what is (and isn’t) included when you're in one of the 50 destinations covered by your plan.

Feature Included Not included
Calling or texting the UK (standard landline and mobile numbers) with remaining inclusive minutes and texts.
Calling or texting the same destination you're in with remaining inclusive minutes and texts.
Calling or texting other international numbers.
Using your remaining inclusive data to connect with the internet.
Using add-ons.
Receiving incoming calls and SMS from any country.
Receiving voicemails.
Calling our customer services on 7777 – it's always free from your iD mobile, wherever you are.

Note: The following numbers are blocked while roaming: premium numbers (starting with 118, 09, 070), non-premium non-geographic numbers (084, 087) and free numbers (080)

Our fair usage & open data policies.

We've created a fair usage policy to prevent our inclusive EU roaming feature from being misused. Our open data policy also applies to selected plans, to protect the great value we offer you.

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Your questions answered.

What happens if I run out of an allowance when I'm roaming?

If you're in an inclusive EU roaming destination and you run out of an allowance and keep using it (for example, if you run out of texts but keep sending text messages), you'll be charged standard UK out-of-plan rates to text or call the UK or someone else in the country that you're in. If you call or text someone in a different country, you will be charged the same rate as if you made that call or sent that text from the UK. See our roaming rates page to find out more.

Note: any roaming data usage will be capped at £41 (even if your cap is more), due to current EU regulations.

Can I use add-ons for EU roaming?

Yes, you can use add-ons for EU roaming. Remember that add-ons get used after your allowance runs out, and not before. So it’s worth waiting until just before you run out of an allowance before you buy one.

When I'm roaming, what countries can I call with my minutes?

When you’re roaming, you can use your minutes to call the UK, or the same country that you’re in. If you call any other non-UK country, you'll be charged. See our 'Other roaming charges' table

If I check the iD Mobile app abroad, will I use up data?

No. You can check the iD Mobile app abroad as many times as you want without using up any of your data.

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