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What is the iPhone operating system?

All iPhones operate on the iOS operating system. Plus, all iPhones have access to Apple’s famous App store, iCloud storage, Apple Music and Apple Pay too.

Which iPhone has the best camera?

The newer the iPhone, the better the camera.

And from the iPhone 8 onwards, the cameras are the most impressive. On these newer models, the camera is equipped with bokeh effect, blurring out the background and focussing solely on the shot in the foreground – excellent for selfies!

Do all iPhones have fingerprint technology?

All iPhones from the 6 onwards have fingerprint technology, or 3D touch. This allows you to forego passcodes and unlock your phone securely with just your fingerprint.

What are the newest iPhone features?

Apple’s latest offering, the X series, offers the use of FaceiD and Memoji.

FaceiD uses facial recognition technology to detect your facial features, so you just need to look at your phone to unlock your device and access secure apps and passwords.

With Memoji, you’ll be able to use your face to create your very own animated character on screen!

Are any iPhones waterproof?

The newer models (from the iPhone 7 onwards) are. They each boast an IP67 water and dust resistance rating, meaning they can survive in up to 1 metre of water for 30 minutes without damage.

Which iPhone is right for me?

If you’re new to Apple and looking to buy your first iPhone, or wanting a phone just for everyday use, the older models (SE, 6S or 7) may be the best option for you.

If you’re looking for the latest in Apple tech and want to upgrade your previous phone, then the newest generation of iPhones (the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X models) will be an excellent choice.

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