Our code of practice for Premium Rate Services will provide you with information on what Premium Rate Services are, how they are charged, how you can stop these services if you no longer need them and who to contact if you have an enquiry or complaint.

Who regulates Premium Rate Services?

The Premium Service Authority (PSA) regulates Premium Rate Services in the UK. They ensure Premium Rate Services are delivered, received, and charged correctly within the set rules. PSA review complaints regarding the overall operation of Premium Rate Services (PRS) such as advertising, content, and cost.

If rules are found to be breached and non-compliance identified with the Phone-paid Services Authority's code of practice and other alleged unlawful operation of services, the PSA is able to investigate, issue fines, bar access to a Service Provider, issue a prohibition from the market and other sanctions so services provided remains lawful.

For more information on the PSA please visit https://psauthority.org.uk/ and how to raise complaints please visit https://psauthority.org.uk/For-Consumers/Report-an-Issue

What are Premium Rate Services?

Premium Rate Services also known as 'Phone-paid Services' are goods and services that you can purchase by using your electronic communication services such as your mobile phone (iD mobile allows you to access mobile voice and SMS services), landline phone, interactive TV or internet for information or entertainment purposes.

Whilst many calls and SMS's are included within your monthly inclusive allowances, Premium Rate Services fall outside of inclusive allowances and incur additional charges.

The Premium Rate numbers facilitate a various number of services, such as:

  • Directory enquiry services
  • 087 business information lines
  • Mobile games
  • Competitions and quizzes
  • Charity donations
  • Information lines such as traffic, weather, horoscope
  • Low rate calls to international numbers
  • SMS subscription services
  • Adult entertainment(*)
  • Chat services

* Some Premium Rate Services including gambling and other 'adult' content are not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18.

How do Premium Rate Services work and charged?

As your network provider iD Mobile will connect your voice call to the premium service you require. These services can be voice calls to long numbers, usually starting with 03, 08, 09, 070, voice or video calls to short numbers, such as 118 118 (usually between 4 to 6 digits) or text and multimedia messages to and from shortcodes and mostly starting with 6, 7 or 8 (usually 3 to 6 digits).

Premium Rate Services are excluded from your monthly inclusive allowance and will incur additional charges. These services when used with your mobile are chargeable to your phone bill.

When you use a Premium Rate Service you will be charged an access fee, as well as a service fee. Charges will be listed under 'your out of plan chargers' section within your monthly bill. You are charged an Access Charge of 45p per minute (with a one-minute minimum charge) plus the Service Charge set by the organisation who provides the Premium rate service to you.

The Premium Rate Service providers must state the Premium service cost when promoting the services, whether it is one off cost or on a subscription basis (whereby there would be repeat charges).

For more details on call charges and to find out the cost of a specific voice call, such as 09 number on our network and to use our short code number look-up please visit https://www.idmobile.co.uk/help-and-advice/call-charges.

Please note: iD Mobile is not a provider of any Premium Rate Services, we work with service providers but we are not responsible for the service and the content they deliver.

How to stop access to Premium Rate Services

You can bar use of all premium rate services from your phone. Our 'premium' services option can be accessed from your my.idmobile.co.uk or ID App account which allows you to bar all use of future premium calls, SMS and MMS services.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to chat to one of our customer services advisers, they can also assist you with placing a bar to all future premium services, please visit https://www.idmobile.co.uk/live-chat to talk to one of our customer team members.

Please note that we are unable to restrict premium or adult content services if a Wi-Fi connection is used, as the Wi-Fi service provider's own content rules will apply.

Premium rate services bar will not cancel existing subscription made with the service providers, how to cancel subscriptions please see following section.

How to cancel a subscription?

Some of the Premium Rate Services can be one off and some could be on a subscription base where you would receive the services regularly. You can cancel your subscription based Premium Rate Services by contacting the service provider directly or follow the 'STOP' instruction given within your initial agreement, that could have been communicated in a welcome letter, receipt, or a reminder SMS that the service provider sent. This usually involves a SMS replying STOP or STOP ALL to the shortcode number they provide, you may incur a charge for sending the SMS to the shortcode number.

Important information - always read all advertising details and terms of the services

Please ensure you read any advertising and promotional material for Premium Rate Services very carefully before using the services or signing up to any subscription service. The advertising or promotional material must stipulate the price and information regarding the terms of usage. We recommend you always check the terms and costs for the service with the provider before signing up. Some of the text based shortcode services may charge you for both sending the original message and receiving part of their service. You should make sure you understand what the total cost of the service is before you use it. Be aware of what you 'tap' on and pay attention, some providers might use sites offering free trial, products, vouchers, or discounts where services look more appealing and without realising you might have agreed to sign up to Premium Rate Services.

What to do if you think you've been overcharged, misinformed, or have unexpected charges

All Premium Service Providers must follow the Premium Service Authority code and operate within the rules. If you have an unexpected Premium Rate service charge on your bill or if you were charged more than it was advertised or you were misinformed about the services in any way you should first get in contact with the company providing the Premium Rate service.

If you don't recognise the number, you can use the Phone-paid Services Authority number checker at Service checker (psauthority.org.uk) to find out how much the service rate is as well as to get the company's contact information.

You will be able to ask the Service Provider for more information about the service/s you are charged for, raise a complaint with them directly and/or cancel your subscriptions.

If you believe non-compliance with the Phone-paid Services Authority's code of practice https://psauthority.org.uk/For-Consumers and other alleged unlawful operation of services and numbers You can also raise a complaint directly with Phone-Paid Services Authority at Report an issue (psauthority.org.uk).

If you are in any doubt, you can contact us as well, or to raise a complaint please visit Complaints Procedure. We can help you understand the charges, investigate if the chargers were applied correctly, advise on next steps, provide service providers details and advise on how refunds can be claimed.

We also have a dedicated service which is designed to make communication easier for our vulnerable customers. If you’re a vulnerable customer and prefer to speak to someone on the phone, you can contact our Vulnerable Customer team on 0800 049 2376.

The team can capture your individual needs or situation and record it to ensure in future interaction with iD, the advisor will already be aware of your vulnerability and how best to support you.

Reserving this phone line for our vulnerable customers allows us to offer specialist help to those that need it the most.

If you are unsatisfied how your complaint was handled by us or if we haven't got back to you within 8 weeks of you informing us of the problem, you can contact the telecommunications ombudsman service in the following ways:

Phone: 0330 440 1614

Post: Ombudsman Services:

PO Box 730

Website: www.ombudsman-services.org/communications.html