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If you use a physical SIM card, here’s everything you need to know.

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Setting up your new SIM.

New to iD Mobile?

If you're new to iD, your SIM will arrive pre-activated and you can use it straight away!

Replacement SIM.

If you've requested a replacement SIM card, you must activate it before you can use it.

Activate your SIM

Just upgraded?

If you've just upgraded, you can continue using your existing SIM card. Your new plan will be active within 24 hours.

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Got an eSIM?

Find out everything you need to know about your Embedded SIM (eSIM) by clicking the link below.

Find out more

One SIM fits all.

Our physical SIM cards are compatible with all phones. Simply choose the size you need, snap it out from the perforated edges and insert it into your phone. Don't forget to check on the SIM card size before you do this!

Standard SIM.

Standard SIM.

Micro SIM.

Micro SIM.

Nano SIM.

Nano SIM.

Need your SIM card number?

Your 19-digit SIM card number can be found on the SIM card holder beneath the barcode.

It's also visible on the back of the SIM card. The number here is just 11 digits long, so you need to add '89442001' to the beginning of it for your full SIM number.

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Replacing your SIM.

These are the two most common reasons for replacing your SIM.

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It's been lost or stolen.

Let us know as soon as possible, so we can block it and send you a new SIM. For more information, visit our Lost or Stolen page.

It doesn't fit my phone.

If your SIM card doesn't fit, you (the account holder) can get a replacement SIM for free at any Currys store.

SIM card not working?

If your SIM card doesn't seem to work, there are two important things you should try out and check.

Have you checked the network in your area?

Use our coverage checker for real time network service and updates.

Is your phone compatible with iD Mobile network?

Most phones are compatible with our network. Find out more.

Got a question?

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