Inclusive EU Roaming

We've created a fair usage policy to prevent our inclusive EU roaming feature from being misused.

Fair usage policy

Our fair usage policy has been designed to prevent misuse of our inclusive EU roaming feature, such as someone permanently roaming and not living in the UK.

We understand that sometimes you'll want to roam for a few weeks at a time. That's absolutely fine. But if you roam more than you use your phone at home (we mean in the UK) over a 4-month period, we might think you’re permanently roaming. If so, we'll take the following action:

First of all, we'll send you a text reminding you of the fair usage policy. If you don't change your usage behaviour to comply with it, we'll also ask you to provide some sort of proof that you have strong ties to the UK, like a UK bill or bank statement.

If you don’t provide any proof of having strong ties to the UK, and you continue to roam in the EU more than you use your plan in the UK, we'll apply a surcharge to your EU roaming usage. When we do this we'll send you another text message - to make you're aware of the situation, and give you a second chance to stop roaming and avoid charges.

The surcharges that will be applied to your account if you exceed our fair usage limits are:

  • 3.2p per minute
  • 1p per text
  • 0.25p per MB

Open data policy

Our open data policy is designed to protect the great value we offer you. It works by adding a small surcharge of .25p per MB (£2.56 per GB) when you use data above your fair use amount while roaming in one of our band 1 inclusive roaming destinations.

The surcharge only applies if your plan’s monthly data allowance is above your fair use amount. The surcharge does not apply to data add-ons or out-of-plan usage, and your fair use amount refreshes each month on your bill cycle. We’ll text you before any surcharges are incurred, so you can be sure you won’t be surprised by any unexpected charges.

You can check your fair use amount using our handy calculator below:


Tip – You can find your monthly plan cost on the “My Account” page in the iD Mobile App. Don't include any extras, such as out-of-plan spend or add-ons you might have purchased.

Surcharge examples:

  • If you have a £10 plan with 10 GB of monthly data, you can use up to 7.72GB in our band 1 inclusive roaming destinations, just like you would at home. A surcharge is then applied to any additional data up until your 10 GB limit. After this, you’ll either need to use out-of-plan usage or purchase a data add-on, both of which do not incur a surcharge.
  • If you have a £25 plan with 15 GB of monthly data, you could use your entire allowance without getting a surcharge as your fair use amount is 19.30GB.