iD Mobile Complaints Code of Practice

How to raise a complaint

You can make a complaint in a number of different ways, but the quickest way to speak to our team is to raise your complaint online.

We will always try and resolve your complaint straight away.

If you’d like to write to us instead, be sure to give as much detail about the issue you’ve had, what you would like us to do, and confirm your contact details and preferred method of contact. We will aim to contact you with a resolution within 7 days.

For more details on how to make a complaint, please refer to our Complaints Procedure here.

What to expect when you make a complaint

By raising your complaint with us online

When you make a complaint, we will log the details of your complaint under a unique reference.

We will ask you for as much information as possible, and we will aim to resolve your complaint straight away.

If your complaint is complex, or will take some additional time to investigate, we will confirm your preferred contact number, and will contact you back with a resolution.

Most complaints which cannot be resolved within the initial conversation, can be resolved within 7 days.

If we think it will take longer, we will keep you informed of the progress. In all cases, we will endeavour to make contact with you within 7 days. We may contact you by phone and by SMS.

By Post

If you contact us by post, we will log your complaint under a unique reference, and we will investigate your complaint.

In most cases we will be able post a letter to you with a resolution within 7 days of receiving your letter (please allow time for postage).

It’s important that you include all the details we’ve asked for within your letter so that we can get working on your complaint right away, without the need to contact you for more information. For details on what information to provide, please refer to our Complaints Procedure here.

If it will take more than 7 days to resolve, we will still endeavour to inform you of our progress within that time.

We may call you so we can get things sorted quickly for you, but if you prefer us not to call you, please let us know in your letter.

If you are not happy with our resolution

We will always try to reach an agreement with you that you are satisfied with, however if you have made a complaint using our complaints procedure and have been given a resolution you are not satisfied with, you can ask us to review your complaint again. This may include escalating to a manager where necessary, or upon your request.

Your complaint will be given a full and final review, taking into consideration all information you’ve given us and our handling of your complaint, and we will confirm a resolution.

If you remain unhappy after we’ve reviewed your complaint, we will put our final resolution in writing to you. This is known as a Deadlock letter.

You may wish to contact our Ombudsman with this information if you would like them to review your complaint.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Ombudsman Services: Communications provide an independent, free of charge service. They consider information provided by both you and us and try to help resolve complaints. If you contact them, they will first assess whether your complaint is within their remit to investigate.

When will the Ombudsman look into my complaint?

You can choose to contact the Ombudsman with your complaint if:

  • You have made a complaint to us, and we have not resolved it for you within 8 weeks of your initial complaint.

  • Or, we have sent you a deadlock letter because we have not been able to agree on a resolution.

What is a Deadlock letter?

If you have raised a complaint with us using our complaints procedure and you remain unsatisfied with our resolution after we’ve conducted a full and final review of your complaint, we will send you details of our final resolution in writing. This is known as a deadlock letter, and you should provide this to the Ombudsman if you would like them to look into your complaint for you. In this case, you do not need to wait 8 weeks before raising your complaint with the ombudsman – If you have told us you are not satisfied with the resolution offered and we have sent you a deadlock letter, you can raise your complaint with the Ombudsman at any time.

If we're still working on a solution, expect to resolve your complaint, or recognise that your complaint falls outside the Ombudsman’s responsibilities, we won't send a deadlock letter.

How to contact Ombudsman Services: Communication

You can contact the ombudsman in the following ways:

Phone: 0330 440 1614


Ombudsman Services: Communications
PO Box 730


Alternatively you can submit complaints about a product or service bought online via the EU online dispute resolution website, which can be found at

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