Changing your Direct Debit payment date

What happens when I change my Direct Debit payment date?

When you change your Direct Debit payment date, your billing period aligns with it. This changes a couple of things - the date your bill is issued, and the date your allowances refresh.

Please note - If you’ve already been billed for the month and have a Direct Debit payment pending, it’ll still be taken on the original due date. Your new Direct Debit date will come into effect in the following billing period.

Here’s what to expect:

1. The month when the change is applied.

You’ll have a longer billing month than usual. This is so we can move your billing period to align to your new payment date.

You could be charged for almost two months on one bill, depending on the date you choose. But don’t worry - we’ll give you all the monthly allowances you’re entitled to.

For example, if your longer billing period is 45 days and your normal monthly (30 days) allowance is 300 minutes, we’ll give you 450 minutes (1.5 times your normal monthly allowance). You’ll also get 45 day’s worth of recurring add-ons. One-off add-ons will last 30 days, just like they usually do.

2. The month after the change is applied.

You’ll get your usual allowances and pay standard monthly line rental.

These dates will have changed:

  • The date you get your bill.
  • The date your allowances refresh.
  • The date we take a Direct Debit payment from your bank. It’s normally around two weeks after you get your bill.

How can I change my Direct Debit payment date?

Simply log in to your iD Mobile app or My Account and do the following:

  1. Go to ‘Billing’. On the ‘Manage my Direct Debit’ panel, click ‘Manage my details’ and then ‘Change my Direct Debit payment date.’
  2. Choose a new day of the month from the drop-down menu (please note: some dates may by unavailable).*
  3. Confirm that you’d like to make this change.

*Due to the Direct Debit process, your payment might come out of your bank account up to 3 days after your nominated date (or longer if it falls on a weekend or bank holiday).


You can change your Direct Debit date once every 6 months.

Unfortunately not. You can change your Direct Debit payment date using the iD Mobile app or My Account. It’s easy to download the app, or register for My Account.

You’ll see two lines on your bill. The first line will show your normal billing period. The second line will show your additional billing period – these are the extra days we’ve added to make your billing period align with your new Direct Debit payment date.

No. We’ll pro-rate your allowances, so you’ll get the exact amount that you’re entitled to. This means you’ll never lose out.

No. Your rolled over data will be added to your account as normal.

Your one-off add-ons will last for 30 days as normal.

Your recurring add-ons will be pro-rated, just like your allowances. So when your billing period is longer to align with the change to your payment date, we’ll give you more of your add-on.

There’s no charge. You can do it for free, once every 6 months.

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