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Your Questions Answered

When will my Data Boost be added to my account?

Your Data Boost will be added to your account within 72 hours of receiving the phone.

How can I check how much of my Data Boost is left?

Simply log in to the iD Mobile app or My Account online, and you'll see your Data Boost on the dashboard, as part of your overall data allowances for that month.

Does the Data Boost expire?

Yes. All good things come to an end, and the Data Boost expires 36 months from your purchase date. So, you've got 3 years to use it... that should be long enough, right?

If I use up all my Data Boost, can I buy a new one?

Nope, sorry. Data Boost is a one-off perk. But why not check out the other great add-ons you're able to buy? Take a look by logging on to your iD Mobile app or My Account online, and going to 'My Add-ons'.

What happens to my Data Boost if I upgrade my account or do a plan change?

You can't transfer your Data Boost to another plan unfortunately. So if you upgrade your account or change your plan, you'll lose any of your unused Data Boost that you had remaining.

Terms & Conditions:

Terms & Conditions: Data Boost is up to 50GB data Additional Service, valid for 3 years from date of purchase. When you buy a 24-month plan tagged with a ‘Data Boost’ in the plan details, you’ll get a Data Boost with the displayed amount included. You can use all or part of the Data Boost in any month but only when your monthly Data allowance (inclusive bundle data and other data Additional Service) has been used. The Data Boost is added only once and will be reflected in your total data allowance within “Remaining Allowances” in the iD mobile App and My Account online. Please note this may take up to 72 hours from purchase. Any Data Boost allowances will not be carried forward when you upgrade, change plan or renew your existing contract. If you wish to return your iD connection within the 30 day cooling off period, you may be charged at the standard price for any data used from this allowance.