Credit checks explained

Why we check your credit rating, and how we do it.

Would you like to know if you can get that flagship mobile phone you’ve got your eye on? Are you worried that your credit rating might affect your purchase? Then read on to find out everything there is to know about how and why we credit check.

What is a credit check?

Your application for a pay monthly plan (handset or SIM only) will probably involve a credit check. It helps us to check your identity, assess your creditworthiness, and helps us to prevent fraud.

A credit check is basically a review of the credit history, past and present, and helps us assess your financial behaviour. To carry out a credit check, we supply the information you provided to us during your check out process to a credit reference agency, Equifax PLC, and they give us information about your financial history, along with an overall credit score.

How does a credit check work?

First of all, we’ll ask you for some personal details such as your current address and employment statues.

We’ll then send the information over to the credit reference agency to verify and to perform a credit check. Your credit history will then be provided to in the form of a overall credit score along with a breakdown of your payment history to creditors.

When we’re considering your application, the information provided to us by Equifax will go in to our automated decision making system, which will review the information and provide a decision. Our aim is to make decisions as quickly, efficiently, and fairly as we can. If an application requires further review, it will be sent to our specialist credit checking team, who will review the application and provide you a fair decision based on your credit score and history.

Do I get credit checked if I purchase a SIM only?

Yes, all applications for a SIM only plans are credit checked.

Can I get an iD Mobile plan without a credit check?

Yes. Our Pay as you go plans don’t need credit checks, so you can buy one of these at any time.

Who do I contact if I’ve got a question about my credit check?

If you’ve got any questions on your credit check, you should contact Equifax PLC, the credit reference agency we use. You can find their contact details here: