If you’ve got an iD Mobile plan, add-ons are a great way to top up your data and minutes. Let’s take a look at the types of add-ons available and see how they work.

Why do I need an add-on?

Add-ons are a handy way to get more data and minutes. If you’re on an iD Mobile plan, you should have enough allowances for each month. But things can change. There might be an unmissable new Netflix series you can’t stop binge-watching on your daily commute – this can eat up a lot of data.

And if you think you’ll run out of data before your monthly allowances refresh, we recommend you top up with an add-on.

Buying an add-on works out cheaper than racking up those dreaded out-of-plan charges. For example, a 7-day add-on of 100MB data is just £1.00. But if you use an extra 100MB of data outside your plan without an add-on, you’ll be charged £10.24.

If you often run out of allowances, why not consider changing plans? You can find out more about changing your iD Mobile plan here.

What add-ons can I buy?

This table shows the add-ons we offer:

1000 mins £8.00 (1 month)
500 mins £6.00 (1 month)
200 mins £3.00 (1 month)
15GB £30.00 (12 months)
6GB £15.00 (12 months)
6GB £10.00 (30 days)
3GB £8.00 (30 days)
1GB £5.00 (30 days)
500MB £3.00 (7 days)
300MB £2.00 (7 days)
100MB £1.00 (7 days)


Log in to the iD Mobile app, go to ‘Add-ons’, click on 'Buy' and choose the add-on you want. Then click ‘Buy now’ and confirm your purchase. Your add-on will be added to your account.

Please note: Add-ons are not included in your Bill Cap. So if your Bill Cap is set at £3.00 and you buy a £3.00 add-on, you’ll still have £3.00 left on your Bill Cap. Find out more about how Bill Caps work here.

You can buy data add-ons for 7 days, 30 days and 12 months. These can run across different billing periods. You can check when an add-on is due to expire by going to the dashboard of your iD Mobile app or My Account online and looking under ‘Add-ons’.

Your add-on starts once your monthly allowance is used up. If you buy a data add-on, it starts being used after your monthly data allowance and Data Rollover are used up. A 200-minutes add-on starts once your monthly minutes allowance expires.

Make sure you buy the add-on when your allowance is close to running out. A 7-day data add-on will expire exactly seven days after you bought it, not seven days after it starts being used.

If you go over your allowance, you’ll be charged out-of-bundle rates until you buy your add-on. Remember, your add-on can’t be backdated or used to cover past usage. But once you’ve bought the add-on, it will prevent you from racking up out-of-bundle charges.

You can use add-ons in any of our 50 Inclusive Roaming destinations. If you’re in another destination, sorry, your add-ons won’t work.

You can view your add-ons on the iD Mobile app. Get the app here:

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