Unlimited thanks for our NHS Heroes

To thank our NHS Heroes for their hard work and dedication during this difficult time, we offered all our customers with a valid NHS email address a free upgrade to unlimited minutes, texts and data until 9th October 2020.*

This offer is no longer available to new applications.

*If the offer is active on your account, the end date has been extended and your extra allowances will end on your next bill date.


Initially the offer was due to end at 23:59 on 9th October 2020, but to make things easier for you, we’ve extended the offer so that it will now end on the day your next bill is issued and your standard plan allowance refreshes.

This means as of 10th October, depending on when the next bill is issued, you’ll start to see your plan revert to the original plan you signed up for.

Not at present. However, all iD customers can change their plans to something more suited to their needs. Just use the iD Mobile App or My Account online and select ‘Change my plan’ on the ‘My Account’ page. You’ll be shown a list of plans that might be better suited to your phone usage.

For more information on changing your iD Mobile plan visit our plan change page.

To check what plan you’re on, log in to the iD Mobile App or My Account online, and go to the ‘My Account’ page. Your agreed plan and allowances can be found under the ‘My plan’ section.

To check your recent usage, go to the ‘My Billing’ page, and scroll down to the ‘Bill History’ section, here you can download and view a PDF copy of your recent bills, by selecting ‘Download PDF Bill’. When viewing your bill, scroll down to the ‘Your Allowances’ section (this is usually on the third page of the bill) to see how many minutes, text and data you’ve used over that period.

Please check your recent usage patterns against your standard plan allowances to make sure you’ve got the perfect amount of data, minutes and texts you need once the offer ends. If you feel like you may need more, consider a plan change. Or, if you’re happy with your plan and just want to make sure you don’t get charged for going over your standard minutes, texts or data, then you can set your Bill Cap to limit extra charges outside your plan. Setting your Bill Cap to £0 will stop you from incurring any chargeable usage. You can learn more about out-of-plan charges on our Charges page.

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