Monqi Kids Smartphone

Monqi is the perfect first smartphone for kids. It has its own unique child-friendly operating system, and an accompanying app that lets parents monitor everything from their own handset.

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Monqi has a proper ‘grown up’ design. The device itself is an STK Sync 5e, and features curved edges and smooth, rounded corners.




The bright 5-inch HD display stretches right to the edges of the phone, ensuring no space is wasted.




The 1,950mAh battery is more than capable for a phone of Monqi’s size. On average, it will provide up to 96 hours standby time, and 7 hours of talk time.




Monqi’s rear-facing 13MP lens is built by Sony. Kids can start taking great photographs, and share them with friends that have been approved by parents through the app.




There’s 8GB of storage inside Monqi, which can be expanded up to 32GB with a microSD card.




Everything runs smoothly on Monqi with the help of its 1.5GHz quad-core processor. Kids can play their favourite games without any lag time, and they can jump between apps without being slowed down. 


Operating system


Monqi’s software is part of the operating system built on Android. It gives parents the power to monitor and control everything their child does through a parental app, and can’t be turned off or deleted.

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