Keep your number.

Want to keep your old mobile number?
It's called porting in, and it's quick and easy.

What do I need before I get started?

1. A PAC code.

If you haven't done so already, call your old network and ask for your PAC code.

2. Your phone number.

This is the mobile number you want to keep.

3. The iD app or online account.

Register for the iD Mobile app or My Account if you haven't done so already.

How do I keep my number?

Follow these four easy steps:

Step 1.

Log in to your iD Mobile app or My Account online.

Step 2.

Click 'services' at the bottom of your app screen, or 'My Services' on the left of your My Account homepage.

Step 3.

Select 'Keep my number'.

Step 4.

Enter the mobile number you want to keep and your PAC code. Then click submit.


If you've got any questions or need support, check out our help & advice section.

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