iD Mobile Network.

The UK’s most reliable network.

Mobile customers like you have rated the network we run on as the UK’s most reliable overall. (Source: YouGov March 2015)

We also provide advanced 3G coverage to 98% of the population, so you get the fastest 3G speeds in the UK. And things will get even faster, as the 4G network we use should reach even more of the population by the end of the year. To see if 4G is already in your area you can use our coverage checker.

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4G at no extra cost.

We love speed, which is why all of our plans give you 4G mobile internet as standard.

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What else you should know.

4G rollout.

We're working hard to increase
our 4G coverage.

Advanced 3G.

With the UK's fastest 3G network,
we've got you covered.

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